The Great Wall of Peachtree City

What is the Great Wall?

In November 2021, at the request of the Kedron Kills Community Association (HOA), the Peachtree City Council constructed a Wall to block vehicles from transiting through Crabapple Lane. 

The Wall increases travel time by 6-10 minutes for cars traveling between Dogwood Trail and Loring Lane, and blocks dozens of Tyrone families from using their golf cart to visit friends and patron businesses in the Kedron Village. You can view the blocked route here.

Two cement barriers with decorative stones block the left and right side of Crabapple Lane. An orange bollard stands center in a gap between the two barriers.

Photo of the Great Wall

Why was the Wall built?

Peachtree City's government argues Tyrone residents unfairly have access to the golf cart path network since they do not pay PTC property tax. However, Tyrone residents already pay $235 annually for their access, compared to $15 for PTC residents

The HOA argues that the wall will reduce cars traveling over the speed limit on Loring Lane, as well as significantly reduce traffic volume. They did not conduct a survey to support these claims believing that, surely, only cars from Tryone can speed.

The HOA argues that new development on Dogwood Trail will reduce property values in Kedron Hills. However, evidence points to the opposite effect. Comparable new developments in Gwinnett and Suwannee raised surrounding property values.

Why remove the Wall?

I don't live nearby; why should I care?

The wall has caused significant harm to residents of Tyrone and Fayette county. The County, in a effort to re-open the road and help the residents, decided to withhold $1.7 million from Peachtree City's budget, a decision affecting all residents of Peachtree City. 

Kedron Hills says that they need the Wall so they can safely walk and play in the street. Despite having lot sizes bigger than most of the City, Kedron Hills argues they need a private road, rather than paying to build a sidewalk.

What's the latest status on removing the wall?

The Fayette County Board of Commissioners has authorized county attorney Dennis Davenport to bring Peachtree City to court if necessary. For now, the county is working with the City Council on a more peaceful resolution. You can read more here. 

The wall has had a particularly negative effect on one family who's daughter needs a route to work. You can read about them on Fayettte News. 

Fayette County has blocked Peachtree City from $1.7 million in funding in an effort to persuade the City to help the affected residents.

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Fayette County Commissioners

The county is working hard to remove the wall (they even authorized a lawsuit if necessary!). Tell them you appreciate their work.

Kedron Hills Community Association

Contact members of the Kedron Hills Community Association and ask for the Wall's removal. Contact information linked below.

Peachtree City Council & Mayor

Contact the City Government and ask for them to remove the Wall. Contact information linked below.


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